"If our courses are really going to work in the classroom and make a difference, it's vital for us to speak with teachers to understand their needs and challenges."

Imogen Wylie

Pearson Portfolio Manager, Gold Experience, London

London, UK

"I make sure that our teams are not just able to talk about our catalogue, but have an understanding of educational issues, can listen to teacher's concerns and know how to address them."

Angela Abella

Pearson Sales Development Manager for Latin America, Colombia

"In our Speakout efficacy study, 84% of students found digital resources significantly helped them reach next level of English. All our efficacy reports are methodologically sound and externally verified, so that we can implement findings with confidence in our products, and support better outcomes for all our learners."

Elpida Atharidou

Pearson Impact Evaluation Director, London

London, UK

"I'm part of the team responsible for developing global mobile solutions. We focus on providing the best on-the-go practice opportunities: it's exciting to be part of a project that makes learning truly mobile so that our students can learn anytime, anywhere."

Dawid Pietrala

Pearson Digital Product Owner, Poznan, Poland

"My team build and maintain AI scoring systems that reliably and accurately predict human scores, so that you can spend more time with your students. We scored 82 million test questions last year. Imagine how much time we gave back to teachers!"

Masanori Suzuki

Pearson Assessment, Product Development and Test Delivery Director, California

"If you want to reform your curriculum, it's certainly worth using the GSE. Our students have really benefited: they've started to monitor their own progress a lot more closely and understand their short and long term goals."

Matt Saunders

Tenured Senior Lecturer, Asia Pacific University, Ritsumeikan, Japan

"As the BBC Studios ELT Editor it has been so exciting to see our content re-imagined for young learners of English, delivering authentic learning experiences to the primary ELT classroom."

Emily Gale

ELT Editor London, UK

"When I speak at conferences, I see audience members react almost like sculptors who have just found some long-sought, transformative tool. I love seeing that—and hearing later about teachers’ great new ideas for their own EAP classes."

Larry Zwier

University Success author, Associate Director of Curriculum, English Language Centre, Michegan State University, US